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My Chair Lady is passionate about the creative use of fabrics and upholstery details in household furniture and furnishings.

Your home should make you smile and reflect your lifestyle and personality. Our main goal is to work with our customers to make their homes warm and inviting over time.

We recognise that it takes years and family wear and tear to build up the layers of a welcoming home.

My Chair Lady offers a boutique service in custom-made soft furnishings and refurbishing furniture with fresh creative vision. We love combining our client’s current belongings, sometimes refurbished and reinvigorated, with imaginative additions. We encourage you to use much-loved hand-me-downs and pieces that have special memories to add individuality and authenticity to a room.

Over many years and many homes we have used old pieces, combined with fantastic textiles, giving them a second chance and bringing pleasure to those who live with them.

We bring a wide breadth of knowledge and appreciation of opportunities for personal expression to our work. Our approach is informed by decades of world travel and visiting international design showrooms giving us first hand experience of an array of design influences and ideas to inspire you for small or large projects in your home.

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